Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions: flat, desecrate and comfortable!

Tape Hair Extensions are fast becoming extremely popular. Our customers love them because they lay flat to the scalp and are super comfortable to wear.

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After they settle, most can barely tell they are wearing any extensions at all. Our stylists love fitting them as we can build up the fullness quickly and easily, blending several shades together as we go to create a perfect colour match.
Best of all, everyone loves tape hair for their quickness, a full head takes only an hour to apply!

We stock our Tape Hair Extensions 18 inch and 22 inch length.

Hours it takes to apply a full head: 1 hour

Who are Tape Hair Extensions suited to?

Finally an option for customers with fine hair. Where extensions may not have been a possibility in the past for those with finer hair textures, along comes the Tape Hair method and gives these ladies an option. We also fit a lot of Tape Hair on clients with naturally thicker or shorter hair as the tape add a lot of bulk and coverage.

Required Maintenance

A maintenance at 6 weeks is required. It’s important that we ensure, as with all methods, that your hair is kept safe throughout the wear of the hair extensions. At this appointment we rotate the hair extensions that are located at the nape of the neck and the side sections (the most fragile areas). We also check through the hair extensions to ensure they are being cared for correctly at home and advise any changes to the aftercare routine that need to be made. During this appointment we will re-apply any tape sections that have fallen. It’s also a great opportunity to add extra hair extensions if a refresh or more thickness is required and the hair is trimmed to ensure it is kept in good condition.

How long do Foxy Tape Hair Extensions last?

This will be entirely dependent on your natural hair. We would hope and expect that most customers would get a 12 week wear from their Tape Extensions. However, those with oily hair can expect around an 8 week wear. This is based on the usage of the required Foxy hair extension aftercare products and attending the set maintenance appointments.

At the 12 week mark the hair extensions will need to be removed.
Our Indian Hair extensions have a 12 week lifespan therefore a new set will be required after removal, if indeed you choose to continue the wear of hair extensions.


– A perfect colour match can be achieved by mixing several shades together

– Lightweight, comfortable and quick to apply.

– The tape bond is strong and can comfortably withstand daily wear and tear. Shedding will not occur.


– Can sometimes become visible when tying the hair up high especially on finer hair textures, clients who wear their hair down predominately will enjoy this method.

– Care and attention needs to be taken with the root areas where the tapes are attached. Conditioning products, styling products and hair colour must not come into contact with the tapes otherwise slippage will occur.

-The removal process can be messy and sticky residue may remain for a very short period afterwards.

How much hair do I need?

I wish to just add extra volume
1 pack

My hair is fine and I would love more volume and length
2 packs

My hair is neither fine nor thick and I would love more volume and length
3 packs

My hair is thick or short and I would love more volume and length
4 packs

Hair Application

If you’re at all unsure if extensions will fit your lifestyle or be suited to your hair, or just want to chat about what application method would be best for you then feel free to take advantage of our FREE consultation service. We insist on a consultation if your hair is weak, short or if you are on longer term medication. We would also suggest a prior consultation if you consider your hair to be an unusual colour as we need to ensure it can be matched to an extensions shade.
Otherwise, if you know what you want then go ahead and book a fitting appointment, all hair is in stock and colour matched on the day.

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