Hair Extension Aftercare

Pre Installation Instructions

Before we teach you the correct hair extension aftercare please take note of the pre install instructions to ensure you come into salon with your hair prepped correctly.

In order to prepare your natural hair ready for the hair extension fitting, please wash your hair preferably on the morning of the fitting, or if not possible, the night before in clarifying shampoo only. Do not use any conditioner or styling products on your hair. Failure to follow these instructions may effect the longevity of your hair extension installation. If preferred, we do offer a ‘Hair Preparation’ in salon service at a small cost, please let us know when booking should you require this service added onto your appointment.

Please ensure that your hair is completely dry when attending your appointment. You may straighten it if you wish but please do not curl your hair.

Please ensure that your hair colour is fresh when your coming in for only your extensions, any faded out colours/toners will be difficult to match with an extension shade. If you are having your hair cut prior to your appointment with your own hairdresser then please ensure no blunt lines are cut into your hair, instead ensure your hairdresser ‘point cuts’ your hair. This will ensure a better blend between the natural hair and extension hair.

Professionally fitted extensions aftercare

Washing your hair extensions

We recommend that your extensions are washed 1-2 times per week. Excess washing and styling will reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions. You MUST ensure that you are using the correct Foxy Hair aftercare products at all times. The Foxy Hair products are specifically designed to nourish the extension hair and protect the adhesive used for attachment. Using alternative hair care products can significantly reduce the lifespan of your extension hair, and can cause dryness, tangling, shedding and slippage.

Before washing, detangle the hair thoroughly using your soft bristle brush.

Using the Foxy Hair Shampoo, smooth down the extension hair – never rub as tangling will occur. Take a second amount of shampoo and apply at the root areas, ensuring you get in amongst the attachment areas to scrub your scalp.

Next, condition from mid lengths to the end of the extension hair. Take care not to apply conditioner to the attachment areas. You may pick up your own hair from the top section and condition. We recommend the additional use of our Hair Extension Boost every 1-2 weeks as a Deep Repair Conditioning Treatment.

Wash your hair upright, a shower is ideal. Never tip your extensions over a bath or sink to wash. Be extremely careful if washing your extension hair in a hairdressing wash basin as the hair may gather in the bottom and cause extreme tangling. Pat hair gently with a towel to remove excess water. Again, do not rub.

Drying and Styling your hair extensions

Smooth Foxy Hair Thermal Protection Serum through your damp hair to add protection from heat. We also recommend the use of our Leave in Conditioning Spray for added nourishment.

Gently comb through your wet hair using a wide tooth comb, ensure the extensions are supported at the roots.

Dry your extension attachment areas first using a cooler setting on your hairdryer. Once your roots are thoroughly dry you can move onto drying the hair.

Working in sections, starting at the nape of your neck, blowdry using a round brush, pointing the airflow downwards. It is recommended to attach a nozzle to your drier for a smooth finish.

NEVER leave your extensions to dry natural and never rough dry them.

After blowdrying, finish with straighteners, or for a curl/wave, you can use heated rollers, tongs or other heated appliances. Keep all heat away from your extension attachment areas.

Daily Care

Braid your hair when sleeping. We consider this a vital part to your hair extension aftercare.

Always brush using a soft bristle hair extension brush when dry, ensure you get in amongst your bonds/tapes/wefts to ensure no tangling occurs when the hair grows down.

Always support your hair when brushing and styling, excess force can cause them to come loose.

Never tie your hair back too tightly.

If using a sunbed, ensure your hair is protected by wrapping your hair in a towel.

We recommend regular trims, every 4-6 weeks.


The lifespan of your hair extensions depends on your hair extension aftercare routine. We give a guideline but don’t guarantee a definitive lifespan on any type of hair extensions due to them being a natural consumable product.

Light blonde coloured hair extensions will have a shorter life span due to the heavy processing.

Lighter shades will also require more care and less heat application to increase their lifespan.

Take care of your hair extensions as you would your own natural hair and remember that like your natural hair, your extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat.

Holidays and swimming

Foxy Hair Extensions do not advise wearing hair extensions abroad as changes in climate can seriously compromise the condition and limit the lifespan of the hair. If you decide to wear your extensions abroad this is at your own risk and may result in the following;

  • Colour change or staining from chlorine, sea water, shower chemicals or sun cream. The hair can be stained a number of colours including green, pink and orange and may not wash out.
  • Dryness and matting due to changes in heat and humidity and increased sun exposure.
  • Softening of the bond or tape adhesive which can cause shedding, or the hair extensions to fall out.

If you choose to have extensions fitted for your holiday this will void any guarantee on the hair or the fitting, even if the correct Aftercare Products have been purchased and used on the hair. Foxy Hair Extensions recommend clip-in extensions as an alternative option.

We also don’t recommend swimming whilst wearing hair extensions as chlorine is damaging to both the hair and the bond/adhesive.

Coloring Hair Extensions

Colouring hair extensions isn’t always a straightforward process and can go wrong very quickly. We suggest that if your considering colouring your extensions, you seek the advice from our in-house colour specalists who will be more than happy to advise. Under no circumstances do we recommend lightening the extensions, only a semi perminant tint 1-3 shades darker than the extensions.

Always seek an appointment with your Foxy hair colour specalist should you wish for a root or t- section colour touch up whilst wearing your foxy extensions.

The use of silver shampoo is not advised.

Any coloring done as a diy job or by an alternative salon/stylist will invalidate any guarantee you may have activated on the hair.

Hair Extension Maintenance & Removal


In order to ensure you hair extensions are kept in pristine condition you will require regular maintenance appointments. The maintenance schedule for each application method is as follows:

Pre Bonded/Mini Link Extensions (45 minutes) – Every 6 weeks: Rotation of the bonds that are attached to typically fragile areas such as the hairline sections, a trim of the extensions, a check over to ensure the hair is being cared for correctly and the chance to re-purchase any required aftercare. Price £35

Nano Hair Extensions (1 hour) – Required every 6 weeks. Sections of the hair extensions are removed and re-positioned, in particular, sections that are attached to fragile areas of hair ie the hairline.  Re-application of up-to 10 fallen strands are included in the price of maintenance, with each strand over a quantity of 10 priced at £1 per strand. A full check over of the bonds and hair to ensure correct aftercare is being followed at home, then finally, a trim of the extensions.  Price £40

Weaves (1 hour) – Every 6 weeks. The maintenance includes a full removal and re-application of weave, hair trim and the chance to re-purchase and required aftercare. Price £60-£105 (depending on grams of hair)

Tape Hair Extensions (45 minutes) – Every 5 weeks: Rotation of tapes that are attached to typical fragile areas ie the hairline sections, a trim of the extensions, a check over to ensure the hair is being cared for correctly and the chance to re-purchase any required aftercare. Price £35


Hair extensions should always be removed on time by your Foxy hair stylist. Removal should NEVER be attempted by yourself. Your extensions would need fully removing at the following times:

Pre Bonded/Mini Link/Nano – after 3 months
Weaves – re-applied after 6 weeks
Tape Hair – after 8-12 weeks

Clip In Hair Aftercare

  • Like your own natural hair, human clip in hair extensions should be cleaned regulary without being over treated. Shampooing should only be done after 5+ uses, or when noticeably dirty.
  • Gently detangle thoroughly from ends to clips with a wide tooth comb before washing your clip in hair extensions.
  • Use a gentle flow of tepid (skin temperature) water whilst holding your hair extensions by the clip. Allow the water to run down the hair shafts. Do not scrunch the hair.
  • Careful shampoo using the Foxy Hair Extensions Shampoo. Do not rub or twist the hair but gently squeeze the shampoo through the hair from clips to ends.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean tepid water.
  • Gently apply Foxy Hair Extensions Conditioner, gently squeeze this down the hair and leave to soak for 5 minutes before rinsing.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and pat or squeeze dry with a towel. Do not roll or rub hair dry in a towel.
  • Gently detangle the hair extensions again with a wide tooth comb. Start with the ends and work upwards to remove any tangles, being careful not to tug too hard. Never use a brush when wet. Apply Foxy’s Heat Protection Serum when wet for a smooth finish and protection form your styling tools.
  • Using a large round barrel brush, section by section blowdry the extensions using a medium heat setting on your hairdrier. Ensure you point the airflow to the floor.
  • We suggest the use of the Foxy Hair Hanger to clip your extensions onto for easy styling of your hair during the drying process.
  • Once completely dry store with clips closed to prevent tangling.

Aftercare Products

The use of the correct hair extension aftercare products are an essential part of ensuring your hair extensions last the duration of their lifespan and stay looking and feeling healthy. Using Non Foxy Hair Products may result in the following:

• Bonds breaking down and shedding
• Hair becoming dry and unmanageable
• Hair tangling
• Hair colour fading and/or hair discolouration

Purchase our full range of hair extension aftercare products here


We are confident in our hairs quality, so much so that we are one of the only UK Hair Extension suppliers to offer a guarantee period on our hair. Your guarantee is activated upon purchase of a Hair Extension Essential Aftercare Pack at the point of installation and stands for a 1 month period. For full terms and conditions click here >