Hair Extension FAQs

Before your appointment
 – Please check your confirmation email to ensure you are booked for the correct service.  We are running to extremely tight timescales when we return.  If there is anything incorrect on your booking or any adjustments that need to be made then please let us know asap as it wont be possible to squeeze in any extras on the day.
 – Keep an eye out on your email inbox as we will send out a customer health questionnaire at the time of booking.  We need to have this returned back to us otherwise we cannot accept you inside of the store.  This questionnaire will determine if you or anyone in your household are suffering from covid-19 symptoms and if this is the case your appointment will need to be rescheduled.  If necessary, in order to save time we may also send out consultation forms for all extension clients, we would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to fill this in and send back before your appointment of you receive one.
 – If you have booked for a free consultation and cannot attend PLEASE cancel your appointment in advance. These appointments slots are notorious for no-shows and small businesses such as ourselves cannot afford to let free 20 minute slots go to waste. Its not a problem if you cannot attend or have changed you mind but please let us know.  You can quickly and easily cancel via your confirmation email.
 – If you are booked for a colour and have not had a patch test with us within the past 6 months please book a colour consultation at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.
During your appointment
 – Please attend your appointment alone, we don’t have the space in salon for a waiting area.  Any friends/family you are with can go shopping in the mall whilst your at your appointment.  Please do not attend your appointment with children.
 – You will be asked to wait outside of the salon until your appointment time so please refrain from attending early.  If we happen to run slightly behind time we will call you to inform you of this to enable you to turn up once your station is clean, sterile and ready to go.
 – No magazines or hot refreshments are available for the meantime.  Please feel free to bring your own book/magazine to read and your more than welcome to bring a hot drink with you also.  Bottles of still water will be available for refreshments.
 – Please keep your belongings to a minimum and keep them with you at all times.  If you are in the Metrocentre for a shopping spree aswell as your hair appointment then we would ask that you shop after your appointment to minimise the personal belongings in the salon.
Restricted services
 – At present and until further notice we will not be carrying out any colour corrections or big colour jobs.
 – All staff will wear a face visor in line with government policies.
– You will need to wear a mask in order to enter The Metrocentre . A mask for clients inside of the salon is not compulsory but feel free to wear one should you wish to do so.  We have a supply in salon should you wish to purchase one at a cost of £1.50.
Salon hygiene
 – We ask the you sanitise your hands at the hand sanitiser station as you walk in the salon.  Further hand gel is available at every styling station.  Please apply this at regular intervals.
 – We have set time aside after every appointment to sanitise our styling stations and equipment between clients. – All staff will wash/sanitise hands after every client and will work at the same station all day with their own tools and equipment which will not be shared amongst other staff members.
 – The salon will be sanitised using Barbicide products, which is the industry leading brand in salon hygiene.
 – Disposable paper towels and hand sanitiser is available should you need to visit our toilet facilities, although it would be preferable to keep customer toilet visits to a minimum so we encourage you to use the toilets in the Metrocentre wherever possible.

Do I need a consultation?

The great thing about choosing Foxy Hair for your hair extensions is that we are a hair extensions supplier first and foremost. We supply our hair to salons up and down the country; therefore we keep all of our hair ranges in stock at all times. This means that if you know exactly what type of extensions you require then you can go ahead straightaway and making a booking for an extension fitting.
However, there are a few occasions whereby we would ask that you book a prior consultation:

* If your natural hair is weak or damaged
* If your hair is short
* If you have an unusual hair colour
* If you require a hair colour service before your extensions are fitted
* If you are looking at our Hair Replacement System

What hair extensions are best for me?

When deciding which hair extensions are best suited, you want to take into consideration your lifestyle, natural hair length/texture/colour and budget. The best place to start is the individual application method pages. Here you will find which method is best suited to which hair type. Have a watch through our application videos also to see what method you like. If you’re still unsure then please feel free to book a free no obligation consultation or give us a call and we can talk you through the different options.

How easy is it to get a colour match?

8 times out of 10 its not a problem. We hold in stock 30+ shades and we can often mix and match several shades together to create the perfect match. And if we can’t, we offer a hair colour service so we can either alter your natural hair colour to match an extension shade or customer colour a set of extensions.

What’s the difference between Indian and Russian Hair?

Russian hair is the higher grade and in general is a lot easier to look after. Its lifespan is upto 1 year and its texture is straight and sleek. Indian hair, although still gorgeous, is seen to be a more ‘purse friendly’ range of hair. Its lifespan is upto 3 months (12 weeks) and its texture is full and fluffy, often with a slight wave. It’s always a good idea to match the texture of the extensions with your own hair to ensure a seamless blend.

What weave is best for me LA or Sew in?

Most of the time it comes down to a personal preference. Many of our clients end up trying both and settling on the one they prefer. As your weave requires re-applying every 4-6 weeks, it’s easy to change the way it’s applied as and when you fancy.
We would say to avoid the LA Weave of your hair is excessively oily.

How long do the extensions last?

We are going to be honest here and say ……. that depends…..How well are you prepared to take care of them? And how much time are you willing to invest into the correct aftercare routine?

This will determine how long the extensions will last. Some clients unfortunately don’t reach the full lifespan of the hair. Use of the incorrect shampoo/conditioner, taking the hair abroad, home coloring, bleaching the bonds, backcombing the hair to an inch of its life, mistreating the hair by using too much heat (to name but a few) can all contribute to decreasing the longevity of your hair extensions. Take proper care of them at all times and you will get a full 3 month wear from the Indian Hair and 12 months from the Russian Hair.

How are they removed?

Always seek an appointment with your Foxy Hair stylist when the time comes for the removal of your hair extensions. We perform removals day in day out and will have them out for you in no time at all using the professional tools and solutions required.

Please don’t have a friend attempt to cut out your weave out or use hair straighteners to melt your bonds. Believe us we have seen it all!! Leave it to the professionals to ensure that when its time to say goodbye to your extension you are left with perfectly healthy natural hair.

What if I’m planning on going abroad?

It’s not recommended that you have a new set of hair extensions fitted before going abroad. The following triggers can cause discolouration of hair extension pigment on blonde hair shades: water mineral content, chlorine, sea water, sun/sunbed uv ray exposure, sun cream. Our hair is exposed to all of these triggers on holiday abroad. Added to this, chlorine, water minerals and salt water can rapidly dry out extension hair, leaving it brittle and tangled. For these reasons, we strongly recommend wearing clip in hair extensions on holiday so that they can be removed during the day and worn at night when they are less likely to be damaged.

Will they damage my hair?

Probably the most common question we get asked.
The simple fact is, so long as your hair is healthy enough in the first instance (we wouldn’t apply them if it wasn’t), you follow all the guidelines set out in the Aftercare Sheet, you attend your maintenance appointments on time and you come back to us at the correct time for removal, you will have no problems with your extensions whatsoever and your hair will remain healthy throughout the wear.

My hair is short, can I have extensions?

Honest answer….probably not. You are better off being patient and waiting until it at least hits your shoulders. Hair extensions can technically be fitted on hair that’s shorter but rarely looks good. You need adequate length in the first instance in order to blend your natural hair in with the extensions and cover the bonded areas. We also suggest that our clients to stick to the golden rule of not having your extension length more than double the length of your natural hair. This will ensure a nice natural look.

How old do you need to be to get hair extensions?

18+ for pre bonded, mini link extensions & tape extensions. This is for insurance purposes. We can fit a weave to clients age 16-18 but this is with a parental or guardian signature. Hair extensions are a commitment and need a lot of care and attention, unfortunately through our past experiences we have found that younger clientele have struggled with the upkeep and the aftercare. We ask that a parent or guardian attend all minors consultation and/or fitting appointments to ensure they have a full understanding of the aftercare involved to save potential problems arising.

I want to buy clip in hair, do I need an appointment?

You don’t, just pop by, we always have our sales girls on hand to help you find the perfect colour match for your clip in hair. Colour matching is a free service at Foxy Hair.
However, if you want your clip in hair applied, cut and styled then we ask you make a pre booking for this with a hair stylist.

What products can I use on my hair extensions?

Only ours. We can’t stress enough the importance of this. Why spend so much money on your hair and risk being left with a dry tangled mess when you discover the products you picked up from a chemist or supermarket are not compatible. We sell everything you need, from the basic shampoo and conditioner through to heat protection serum and conditioning spray. Our product range not only protects the extension hair but also the bond/attachments and prevents discoloration and/or colour fade of the extensions.

Do you use a glue to put the extensions in?

No. A hair extension bond is made using keratin, which is not glue. In fact it’s a natural product, found in your own hair, skin and nails.

Do I need a patch test before a colour?

Yes! At least 48 hours in advance for clients visiting us for the first time for a colour service.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Nope! At least not yourself as a diy home job. Colouring hair extensions is not an easy task and there are a lot of problems that can occur. We ask that you always seek our advice should you be considering altering the extensions in any way. If your roots or top section need touching up we can do this for you. Its best to add this service onto your maintenance appointment. Any diy colouring of the extension hair, and this includes toners and silver shampoos are done so at your own risk.

How do I book an appointment?

Probably the easiest way is by using our online booking system. You can browse availability 24/7. You can also make a booking over the phone or in person by popping into one of our salons.

Have a question that isn’t listed above? Drop us an email or give us a call, we will be more than happy to help