In order to keep staff and clients safe we have made the following changes to our day to day operations in order to comply with Government recommendations:
Before your appointment
 – Please check your confirmation email to ensure you are booked for the correct service.  We are running to extremely tight timescales when we return.  If there is anything incorrect on your booking or any adjustments that need to be made then please let us know asap as it wont be possible to squeeze in any extras on the day.
 – Keep an eye out on your email inbox as we will be sending out a customer health questionnaire in the week leading up to your appointment.  We need to have this returned back to us otherwise we cannot accept you inside of the store.  This questionnaire will determine if you or anyone in your household are suffering from covid-19 symptoms and if this is the case your appointment will need to be rescheduled.  In order to save time we will also send out consultation forms for all extension clients, we would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to fill this in and send back before your appointment.
 – If you have booked for a free consultation and cannot attend PLEASE cancel your appointment in advance. These appointments slots are notorious for no-shows and small businesses such as ourselves cannot afford to let free 20 minute slots go to waste. Its not a problem if you cannot attend or have changed you mind but please let us know.  You can quickly and easily cancel via your confirmation email.
 – If you are booked for a colour and have not had a patch test with us within the past 6 months please book a colour consultation at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.
During your appointment
 – Please attend your appointment alone, we don’t have the space in salon for a waiting area.  Any friends/family you are with can go shopping in the mall whilst your at your appointment.  Please do not attend your appointment with children.
 – You will be asked to wait outside of the salon until your appointment time so please refrain from attending early.  If we happen to run slightly behind time we will call you to inform you of this to enable you to turn up once your station is clean, sterile and ready to go.
 – No magazines or hot refreshments are available for the meantime.  Please feel free to bring your own book/magazine to read and your more than welcome to bring a hot drink with you also.  Bottles of still water will be available for refreshments.
 – Please keep your belongings to a minimum and keep them with you at all times.  If you are in the Metrocentre for a shopping spree aswell as your hair appointment then we would ask that you shop after your appointment to minimise the personal belongings in the salon.
Restricted services
 – At present and until further notice we will not be carrying out any colour corrections or big colour jobs.
 – We also want to minimise the amount of equipment we are using in the salon, therefore all services will be finished with a straighten.  We wont be using any form of curling tools for the time being.  Typically we would offer a complimentary straight or curl after each new set of extensions but this has been limited to a straighten only.
 – We wont be offering any stand alone blow-dry or styling services. Blow-drys can only be booked and carried out after a colour and finished straight.
 – On all colour clients we will use a disposable gown and a disposable towel.
 – All staff will wear a face visor in line with government policies.
 – A mask for clients is not compulsory but feel free to wear one should you wish to do so.  We have a supply in salon should you wish to purchase one at a cost of £1.50.
Salon hygiene
 – We ask the you sanitise your hands at the hand sanitiser station as you walk in the salon.  Further hand gel is available at every styling station.  Please apply this at regular intervals.
 – We have set time aside after every appointment to sanitise our styling stations and equipment between clients. – All staff will wash/sanitise hands after every client and will work at the same station all day with their own tools and equipment which will not be shared amongst other staff members.
 – The salon will be fully professionally cleaned and sanitised by a specialist firm on Friday 3rd July before re-opening and a strict cleaning rota will be put in place from then onwards.  The salon will be sanitised using Barbicide products, which is the industry leading brand in salon hygiene.
 – Disposable paper towels and hand sanitiser is available should you need to visit our toilet facilities, although it would be preferable to keep customer toilet visits to a minimum so we encourage you to use the toilets in the Metrocentre wherever possible.
We look forward to seeing you soon.